I am a performer and a writer who frequently wanders off into spaces that may or may not be real, doodles occasionally and is a compulsive cat-paparazzo. This is my rather haphazard attempt at putting my rants/ annotations/ translations/ deviations and other un/will-not characterizables together, in a methodical fashion.

The sentences may be too long:

Syntax erroneous at times.

Some words are certainly made-up,

Cite-style be potentially messed up.

But, oh my sweet reader,

This is the song I got for you,

With what might be

A completely illegitimate rhyme scheme.

[NOTE: If you have accidentally stumbled upon this blog, hope you find something to amuse/ amaze/ please you before you stumble out. If you have arrived here looking for something specific, I hope you find it or at least your hunt is interesting. If you have landed here without meaning to (touch screens/ autocorrect can be a ducking menace!), thank you for coming so far and hope your journey back is powered by high speed internet, unless you have decided to stay, of course.]


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