All while…


Under the scorching sun,
While waiting to cross the road,
She swung her arm sideways, sloppily,
After pushing back the spectacles perched on her hooked nose.
Her hand, moist with sweat,
Brushed against the pleats of my school-skirt.
My flesh went smoldering.
My eye couldn’t  perceive the traffic light turning red
Nor my ears hear the cars jolting to a halt.
While I was vulva to vulva
With my sloppy school-mate
A melody running through my body,
In my vision, I captured the music of the fragrance of her skin,
Her temperate touch trumming the lump in my throat.
Psychedelic lights danced over our intertwined legs,
I felt the world cascading down my thighs.
Untrammeled by fear, desire tornadoed through,
As I addressed the seething pangs that’d erupted under a school-room desk
All the while the driver honked incessantly.
All while she’d crossed the road,
Boarded a bus,
And was almost halfway home.


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