“The Widows” by Ariel Dorfman


‘The Widows’ by Ariel Dorfman was performed by the Dramatics Society of Miranda House, University of Delhi in 2006-7.


The Widows is set in an unidentifiable war-torn country where the men have all disappeared and the women living in an oppressive military coup, await the return of their men. The army, fighting on behalf of the oligarchy, enforce order in the village where the only men left are the rich landowners and the military. When mutulated bodies of men start to wash ashore the peasant women start to stage a rebellion against the coup and demand to bury their men.



Directed by: Ishani Saraf, Anasuya Agarwala and Manjari Kaul

Performed by: Anasuya Agarwala, Anamika Lahiri, Manvi Sharma, Shaeema Zaman, Panchali Dutta, Vinaya Padmanabhan, Shibani Bedi, Ambika Rajgopal, Somya Lakhani, Natasha Raghuvanshi, Debarchana Baruah, Kanan Rai, Ridisha Ramadoo, Akshara Ravishankar, Manjari Kaul



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