Jean Genet’s “The Balcony” by Kalasmriti Productions

Jean Genet’s The Balcony was staged by Kala Smriti in 2010 at Alliance Francaise and Akshara Theatre, New Delhi.

The Balcony is set inside a brothel with the backdrop of a revolution brewing in the city outside. The clients at this ‘house of illusions’ take on roles of the Bishop, the judge and the general, reiterating the power structure in society. When the power of the people of the revolution begins to threaten this house of mirrors, the Madame of the brothel must use her costumes and props to create an illusion of the indestructibility of the pillars of power to reinstate status quo.

“The Balcony” by Kalasmriti Productions. Photo credit: Raghav Pasricha

Direction: Arjun Khera

Performed by: Trishna Senapaty, Anasuya Agarwala, Prakriti Mukerjee, Panchali Dutta, Puja Sen, Anamika Lahiri, Arjun Khera, Manjari Kaul

Costumes: Anuradha Khera


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