Little Remains: A memory play in 2 parts by Improper Fractions

The summer of 2012 saw the inception of Improper Fractions, that invisioned themselves as a group dedicated to work that is process driven and pushes the limits of theatre practice, exploring the incongruous, fragmentary, disruptive, off-key and awkward in theatre. We are interested in creating possibilities for intersections and parallel co existence of different forms, patterns, languages of movement/ speech. All this, while we play with the strange as well as familiar conjoining of imagination and reality.

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Photo and poster design: Sayan Dutta

Little Remains consisted of two short pieces, each touching upon the theme of memory. We looked at the theme of memory as a process, which is made, unmade and remade. The first piece was an adaptation of Gabriel García Márquez’s Spanish novella Chronicle of a Death Foretold. It explored memory through confessions and testimonials performed as a series of monologues, based around a single event. A single event spurs a series of recollections, of multiple, hazy, and often contradictory accounts of an event that has been marked out for investigation. The second piece, That Photograph, an adaptation of American playwright, Kelly Powell’s What are the Chances, looks at memory through photography. One sees how memory operates in the little details of everyday life; in our hopes and anxieties. What happens when one’s memories of a particular place, person, event is frozen in a photograph?  Photographs and photographic memory played an important part in the  performance, juxtaposing the nebulous nature of our memory as we remember, forget, misremember and keep changing our versions of the past against the plastic arts that are deemed to provide the indexical Truth.

Directed by: Manjari Kaul and Amber Sahil Chatterjee

Performed by: Ankush Bhuyan, Hemantika Singh, Trishna Senapaty, Shilpi Gulati, Sayan Dutta, Natasha Arora, Zain Khan, Manjari Kaul

Lights: Ankit Jain

Sound: Manjari Kaul (design); Hemantika Singh (operator)

Photo and design: Sayan Dutta

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